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Conceptual Framework
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Conceptual Framework

Table of Contents


Introduction and Overview of the Conceptual Framework 4.1


Precondition 4.2        Vision and Mission of the Institution and Unit


Precondition 4.3        Unit Philosophy, Purpose, and Goals

  1. A.          Philosophy
  2. B.           Purposes

C.1      Unit Candidate Learning Goals

C.2      Kentucky Teacher Standards

C.3      LWC Institutional Student Learning Outcomes


Precondition 4.4        Knowledgebase and Support for the Conceptual Framework

  1. A.          Teacher as Leader
  2. B.            21st Century Skills Clusters
  3. C.           Candidate Dispositions
  4. D.           Literacy
  5. E.            Technology


Precondition 4.5        Candidate Proficiencies

            Table 3           Initial Candidate Outcome Alignment

            Table 4           Program Professional SPA Alignment to Candidate Outcomes

            Table 5           Advanced Candidate Outcome Alignment


Precondition 4.6        Unit  Evaluation and Continuous Assessment Summary

            4.6.1    Transition Points

            4.6.2    Key Assessments

            4.6.3    Credibility of Assessment Procedures

            4.6.4    Remediation Procedures

            4.6.5    Program Evaluation and Assessment

                        Summary Candidate Admission Data

                        Summary Candidate Performance Exit



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